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REAL LIFE STORY!!! Things Men Do [A Must Read]

They say life isn’t a bed of roses, so then marriage isn’t also a bed of roses.

I thought women were created from the rib of men. It was suppose to be one man for a woman and a woman for a man right? I think I’m confuse, maybe someone can clarify me.

I got married to this man some years back when he had nothing, he was humble as a single man. Everyone told me he doesn’t deserve me, I’m too much for him but I guess love blinded me.

I don’t even know what made me love him, I mean he wasn’t rich, he wasn’t fine, I can’t really place it, but I guess we don’t choose who to love.

Marriage with him was nice at first, maybe because he had nothing. I guess what they say is true Afterall, that a poor man is a humble man.

We’d bath together, he wouldn’t eat until I get back from work. He was so lovely until he started getting money. That was when he realized I’d been barren for years, that was when I became ugly to him, that was when I became a bad cook.

I thought you were suppose to remember those who were there for you when you had nothing. But his own was different. He has forgotten how I use to go from room to room to get money for us to make him happy, he has forgotten how I use to give my salary to him while he gives me any amount he wants, all because of love.

You know what they say “You’re not ugly, you’re only poor” hmm it’s true. My husband is now so handsome that all girls want to be around him.

Where were those girls when he had nothing? Where were they when we were suffering? Okay so later, I heard one of his girlfriend was light skin, I started bleaching my skin, just to please him, thinking he was going to change, but all to no avail .

I was in the parlour when I heard a knock on the door, I rushed down to the door and I saw my in laws standing at the door. We exchanged pleasantries as usual and I ushered them in

I was wondering what could have brought them here. I prepared food for them and they ate like there was no tomorrow.

Look my wife, the reason why we’re here is because of your husband wrong doings, my mother in law said. I smiled at her not knowing where she was driving to. Mama, my husband has not offended me, I said.

Ha! He has done alot my wife. In fact, I was so mad at him but you know I can’t be mad at him forever I also want you to cultivate that habit for he’s your husband and you can’t be mad at him forever too, she said.

I was getting uncomfortable with her use of words and I wanted her to go straight to the point. Look my wife, your husband as committed a big crime and I want you to forgive him.

Mama I don’t understand what you’re saying ma please make it clear. Look, your husband just impregnated a woman. I was thinking of you when I made the decision because God might use this as an open door for you to get pregnant too.

At this moment, I couldn’t stop crying because I didn’t thought I deserved all these. My tears couldn’t stop flowing all I could say was Okay, while I left their midst.

I know you’re angry but forgive him and accept her as your sister my mother in law said. Her words hurts me for she knows how much I’ve suffered and all I’ve contributed In this marriage and all she could do was say I should forgive and take someone as my sister. Ha this world is cruel. Would she have taken it lightly if she was the one?

I got inside and I got a message from my so called husband “by now I know you must have heard the news, I’m sorry I wronged you, just forgive me and let’s move on with our lives, I love you baby”

God what kind of thing is This? Why are men like This? How can you love me and still hurt me?

How can you love me and still mistreat me? How is it possible they say a man for a woman yet it’s always a man and several women ?

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