[+18] How I fell in Love with her big Ass (PART1)


I was waiting for her… Not minding where I was standing , who was watching and what they were thinking.
I kept on waiting cause I know if I don’t see her today. I may not have the chance again

I stood for 30min & I haven’t seen her. I taught of leaving but I couldn’t…
Till she finally came out. I called her.. And she was acting busy( occupied ). So I waited patiently for her to be free ( unlike me ).

When she was Done… She stood outside … Waiting for me to walk up to her. Meanwhile I was expecting to come tell me she was free . So I met her
She said ” come inside ”

I fellowed her.. as she took me pass the sitting room straight to her room.

( Inside the Room )
I became a little bit shy.. i couldn’t think of any reasonable thing to discuss about… I was repeating words And she kept on replying me with ” Okay ”

To make my condition worse.. she wore a white short Jean Nikka which brought out her big Ass with small pink top.. which her breast was perfectly showing

She being sensitive.. noticed I was turned on.. so she brought up topics to distract me ( which wasn’t working ). She got tired & said ” I’m feeling sleepy ” As she was checking outside through the window.

I asked ” why she was checking outside “
She replied ” my mum is around.. so I wanna know if she coming or not “

That moment.. I realized I had to make my moves fast ? Lol 😂 😂


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