10 Excuses Guys Give When They Cum Quickly

Every man is a potential one minute man and many ladies don’t appreciate a man that cums too fast.

So, guys have mastered different lies to tell their babes when they release too quick.

Below Are The Lies Men Tell When They Cum Fast:-

1. It’s Because Your Pu$$y Is Too Hot

2. Are You Not The One That Say I Should Go Faster?

3. It’s Because It’s 8am, You Try Me Around 12 Midnight

4. Maybe It’s Because Of Sugar Drinks I Take Too Much These Days

5. It’s Only Poor People That Do It For 1 Hour. You See Rich Men Like Us, We Love Quick Sex

6. Wait, Did You Use Kayanmata Or What? I Don’t Normally Cum Quick Like This oo

7. I Don’t Always last At 1st round – Wait Let Me Sleep Wake Up For 2nd Round, I Will Shift Your Womb

8. Why Did You Rub My Stomach? Did I Tell You To Rub My Stomach?

9. It’s Because I Was Thinking About The Sex. Next Time I Won’t Put My Mind There

10. See, It’s Because You’re Special To Me. I Just Say Make I Dey Chop Am Small Small

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